CD/DVD players

UNIDISK 2.1, ex-demo

CD/DVD players UNIDISK 2.1, ex-demo

The UNIDISK 2.1 player from Linn is a universal source
component engineered to deliver reference standard
video and superior pitch accurate audio performance.
The UNIDISK 2.1 player has been designed to maximise
the video performance of existing software and provide
immediate higher quality access to new high definition
music and movie formats for a totally involving
entertainment experience.

Akurate CD, ex-demo

CD/DVD players Akurate CD, ex-demo (price: 4 000,00 €, VAT excluded)


| Plays CD, Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio recordings in
stereo or surround sound
| Linn’s proprietary audio-optimised 'silent power’ Switch Mode Power Supply
| Linn’s proprietary adaptive Silver Disk Engine™ technology
| High-quality metal drawer mechanism
| Available in black or silver finish

Majik CD, ex-demo

CD/DVD players Majik CD, ex-demo (price: 2 500,00 €, VAT excluded)

Key features include:
■ Technologies derived from Linn’s groundbreaking and critically acclaimed SONDEK
CD12, ensuring that you get an even more
musical performance from your CD collection
■ Linn’s proprietary Switch Mode Power Supply,
which runs much more effi ciently and quietly
than other power supplies and does not
detract from your enjoyment of the music

Unidisk SC/P, ex-demo

CD/DVD players Unidisk SC/P, ex-demo (price: 3 600,00 €, VAT excluded)


❙ Advanced universal multi-channel source and control
❙ Unites all quality disc formats including Super Audio CD and
❙ Features proprietary Linn SILVER DISK ENGINE technology for optimised audio performance
❙ Digital Video Output (HDMI)
❙ Fixed and variable audio outputs
❙ Decoding and control of up to eight secondary sources
❙ Supports all current analogue video standards
❙ Bass re-direct in all multi-channel modes

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