LOUDSPEAKERS (price: 0,00 €, VAT excluded)

The loudspeaker is the final component in the system and should accurately reproduce the signal received from the power amplifier. Superb engineering, quality materials, solid build and attention to detail combine to make a Linn loudspeaker special.

SS-439 Pro Turbo NAS

SS-439 Pro Turbo NAS (price: 0,00 €, VAT excluded)

QNAP SS-439 Pro is the new generation 2.5" SATA 4-bay model of the worldwide award-winning Turbo NAS Series designed to deliver high performance and reliable server features such as advanced RAID protection, built-in iSCSI target service, and AES 256-bit volume-based encryption for small business.

 Movie Player 3D DELUXE

Movie Player 3D DELUXE (price: 1 495,00 €, VAT excluded)

The HFX Movie Player 3D+ is a Win7 based video player with remote control and MCE user interface. The HD Player also plays Blu-Ray ISO files over the net, so that you see the Blu-Ray in 1:1 quality incl. subtitles, audio tracks and modes, chapters, angles and more. It is the only player on the market, who switches automatically between 24 and 50/60Hz for perfect playback of BD, DVD and TV.

MC966 MacBook Air 13" Dual-Core i5 1.7GHz/4GB/256GB flash

MC966 MacBook Air 13" Dual-Core i5 1.7GHz/4GB/256GB flash (price: 1 397,00 €, VAT excluded)

“Wow, that was fast.” With MacBook Air, you’ll find yourself saying that a lot. Because flash storage is up to two times faster than a conventional hard drive, everything you do is more responsive and immediate — starting up, browsing a large photo library, launching applications and opening files, for instance.

iPod nano 8GB - Silver, Graphite, Pink, Orange, Green, Blue

iPod nano 8GB - Silver, Graphite, Pink, Orange, Green, Blue (price: 126,00 €, VAT excluded)

Multi-Touch and music. Smart ways to stay fit. Clock faces. A built-in FM radio. Everything about iPod nano is a huge hit.

PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones

PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones (price: 1 399,00 €, VAT excluded)

Proprietary Planar Magnetic Technology
Life-like, Natural Sound Quality
High Sensitivity & Scalability
Plush Padding & Reduced Weight for Exceptional Comfort


UDP-205 (price: 0,00 €, VAT excluded)

4K Ultra HD Audiophile Blu-ray Disc Player
Best-in-Class Audio Performance, Dual ESS ES9038PRO Sabre Pro DACs
Reference Quality Video with HDR & Dolby Vision
4K UHD, Blu-ray, 3D, DVD, DVD-Audio, SACD and CD

Excite X34

Excite X34 (price: 2 190,00 €, VAT excluded)

Real wood veneer Walnut and Rosewood Satin Lacquer Black with black front grilles, Satin Lacquer White with grey front grilles


Sonica (price: 0,00 €, VAT excluded)

High Fidelity Wireless Speaker System
App Control via Smartphones and Tablets
Multi-Room or Standalone Use
AirPlay, Bluetooth, DLNA & Other Music Sources


GOLD (price: 0,00 €, VAT excluded)

Traditional leather sofa GOLD by Giuseppe Viganò LONGHI

TS-659 Pro+ Turbo NAS

TS-659 Pro+ Turbo NAS (price: 1 199,00 €, VAT excluded)

Modern business faces the challenge of dramatic growth of digital data, including documents, emails, applications, and so on. To deploy the IT environment with a reliable, affordable and expandable storage center to securely store, share, and back up the digital assets has become an important task for the server managers of the SMB and entry-level enterprise nowadays.

ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Digital AES Edition

ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Digital AES Edition (price: 16 500,00 €, VAT excluded)


Focus 260

Focus 260 (price: 3 400,00 €, VAT excluded)

Real wood veneer Maple, Walnut, Rosewood and Black Ash Piano lacquer black, piano lacquer white

Beta 53 Headworn Microphone

Beta 53 Headworn Microphone (price: 232,00 €, VAT excluded)

The Beta 53 is a fully adjustable omnidirectional condenser headworn vocal microphone, designed for applications where unconspicuous appearance and incredible sound quality are required. Its lightweight, adjustable, modular headband, flexible wireframe and soft earpieces provide a comfortable fit while still allowing the Beta 53 to be positioned as close to the left or right corner of the mouth as possible, assuring maximum voice pickup.

Focus 160

Focus 160 (price: 2 000,00 €, VAT excluded)

Real wood veneer Maple, Walnut, Rosewood and Black Ash Piano lacquer black, piano lacquer white

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