CD/DVD players

CD/DVD players Akurate CD, ex-demo (price: 4 000,00 €, VAT excluded)

CD/DVD players Akurate CD, ex-demo

Designed for music lovers, the Akurate CD player isdesigned to extract the most music from high qualityaudio disc formats.

It is optimised for exceptional sound quality fromstereo music, and can also be configured for multichannel music to enjoy higher quality SACD andDVD-Audio recordings in surround sound. 

The player can play the stereo or multi-channel layeron an SACD disc, and display artist, title and trackinformation on the front panel.

Linn’s Silver Disk Engine™ technology identifies thedisc type and reconfigures the system for the highestperformance level available, unlike multi-formatplayers which convert the signal to a single formatand play back at a standard performance level.

Thismeans that the Akurate CD player plays the highestquality music formats at their maximum potential.The Akurate CD player can be integrated with a LinnKnekt multi-room audio system.

Available in black or silver finish, the Akurate CDplayer complements other components in theAkurate System.


❙ Date of Introduction: May 2007

❙ Type: CD / DVD-Audio / SACD player

❙ Size: (H) 80 mm x (W) 381 mm x (D) 360 mm

  (H) 3.1 inches x (W) 15 inches x (D) 14.2 inches

❙ Weight: 4.5 kg

      10 lbs

❙ Supported Disc Types: CD, SACD (Super Audio CD), DVD-Audio, DTS Audio CD,CD-R, CD-RW

❙ Audio Decoding: PCM streams for simultaneous analogue/digital stereo output, DSD (from SACD), MLP and LPCM (from DVD-Audio)for analogue only output (max 6 channels)

❙ Analogue Audio Outputs: 5.1 Phono socket outputs (Front L and Front R are double connectors)Stereo XLR Balanced Audio outputs

❙ Digital Audio Outputs: SPDIF BNC Output
   TOSLINK Output

❙ Control: RC5 In & Out (KNEKT)
      RS232 In & Out (RS232 & Flash Upload)
      Front panel 6 button interface
      Luminous remote control handset
      128 x 32 Front Panel Display
      Front panel display menu for set-up

❙ Power Supply: Switching power supply with auto-ranging
(AC 100 - 120 V @ 50 - 60 Hz)
(AC 220 - 240 V @ 50 - 60 Hz) 

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