Exakt Akudorik Launch Events

Join us at a Launch Event for the incredible new Akurate Exakt System featuring Exakt Akudorik loudspeakers and experience the outstanding performance delivered by this stunning work of engineering beauty.

The Exakt Akudorik is the first speaker of its kind, integrating Exakt technology into its innovatively designed stand.

At a Launch Event you’ll discover how Exakt creates the most direct connection that’s ever been made between you and the artist, and can be optimised for you and your home.

Come along to a Linn Lounge event, where we’ll be listening to iconic artists at their best — on a Linn system in Studio Master — the highest quality available, anywhere.

At each event we’ll play music from one legendary artist and embark on a musical journey, uncovering the story behind their masterpieces.

After the event you can also choose some of your own favourite music to hear on a selection of Linn systems. Whether it’s the latest Studio Master download, a track from Spotify or even a movie, Linn gets the best sound from everything you listen to at home


Created by Digiart