Dreamy Geek


Compact and powerful

The Dreamy Geek is a bright and robust 1280x800 DLP projector. Thanks to its numerous standard inputs it supports Full-HD movies with stereo sounds playback up to 3 meters wide screens.


Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Powered by Android 4.0 system, the Dreamy may support most of the thousands available Apps on the Google Play market. Enjoy unlimited hours of games and interactive media contents.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Upgradable memory

The microSD slot can be used to extend the available memory up to 64 Gb of internal storage.

MicroSD up to 64Gb

Standard video inputs

  • 2x HDMI 1.3
  • 1x VGA (Sub-D15)
  • 1x Composite video (RCA)

Wireless Keyboard and Air mouse

The Wireless Keyboard and Air mouse improves your games and interactivity experience with your Dreamy Geek projector. Chatting, e-mailing, tweeting are much faster and easier.

Wireless Keyboard and Air mouse

Smart projector

The Dreamy Geek can be upgraded by any functional App available on the Google Play market. There is no limit to the possible functions for a projector as smart as the Dreamy Geek.

  • Play the most famous video games on Google Play
  • Upgrade with Airplay functionality
  • Share your scores with Facebook
  • Watch movies on multimedia players
  • Browse the web with the integrated browser
  • Download or stream Youtube videos
  • Transform walls into interactive whiteboards

Powerful HD-Ready projector

Thanks to its native 1280x800 (16:10) resolution, the Dreamy Geek handles the most recent formats available, including Full-HD BluRay movies at 1080p24Hz/60Hz.

Full HD Media P

Supported formats

The Dreamy can read, edit and display your documents and presentations (pdf, xls, word, pps, etc). Thanks to the installation of a powerful media player, you can also read almost any video format available (avi, mkv, mp4, mp3, etc)

Multimedia contents

You can use one of the multiple multimedia inputs to connect the Dreamy to an external disk drive, to an USB key or to a NAS and have access to hours of audio/video content.

USB connections

500 ANSI Lumens

The Dreamy Geek is powered by a 500 ANSI Lumens light source emitted by 3 color LED. The exceptional longevity of solid state LEDs ensures 30,000 hours of uninterrupted projection.


Glossy finish

This unit is available in the classic "Piano Black" finish.

black color

Ease of installation

The Dreamy is placed in front of the bottom or the top of the projected picture. It can be used on the top of a table as a polyvalent and nomad projector or fixed to the ceiling in a permanent install.


Table or ceiling fixation

The Dreamy Geek comes with a standard camera (1/4-20) attachment, compatible with most camera fixations and tripod available on the market.
(Fixation not included)

Tripod for Dreamy fixation


Created by Digiart