RipNAS combines and perfects Audio CD ripping, Network Attached Storage and Media Streaming in one easy to use small (high 'partner acceptance factor') box. Audio CDs are ripped and stored losslessly and securely through multi-drive mirroring [multi-HDD models only]. Audio files are shared for streaming through the network to a multitude of Network audio players available. Windows Home Server is the OS of choice, offering complete home network backup for all family Windows PCs.

Products from RipNAS

RipNAS  AssetNAS V3

RipNAS AssetNAS V3 (price: 1 995,00 €, VAT included)

AssetNAS V3 is a product of the RipNAS family. It has the same features and equipment like the RipNAS Solid V3, but comes without a ripping drive. Therefor it offers up to 8TB Capacity with 2 Server HDDs inside. The AssetNAS V3 is perfect for big music collections with selections of highres music. The system SSD makes the AssetNAS really fast, especially when you are searching for special tracks.

The 2 Server HDDs are built inside thick rubber silent boxes. Together with the heatsinks inside, the AssetNAS V3 is a heavy weight in his class.

RipNAS  Zonee

RipNAS Zonee (price: 599,00 €, VAT included)

The HFX zonee is the first multi-zone high resolution audio network player, which is designed for highend USB-DAC and USB-Amplifiers.
You can control each zone with your iPAD or Android device.

RipNAS  maintenance contract 1 year

RipNAS maintenance contract 1 year (price: 120,00 €, VAT included)

Tefefon and teamviewer support for first start and configuration, backup, updates, monitoring.

RipNAS   Z1000 V2

RipNAS Z1000 V2 (price: 1 145,00 €, VAT included)

RipNAS is pre-configured to work right out of the box, no computer, keyboard, LCD or computer skills are required. Say goodbye to audio CD clutter and move your media into the convenience of the digital age.

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