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OPPO PM-3 Planar Magnetic Headphones

OPPO PM-3 Planar Magnetic Headphones

Engineered for Emotion Designed for Urban Life

OPPO PM-3 is the ideal headphone for a person who enjoys Hi-fi class sound always on the go. It combines true audiophile performance, elegant styling, exceptional comfort, noise isolation and portability into a pair of sleek lightweight Planar Magnetic headphones. Tipping the scales at just slightly over 10 oz., the PM-3 is one of the lightest closed-back planar magnetic headphones.

Stability, Consistency, Reliability

During the OPPO PM-3s manufacturing process, the left and right drivers are closely matched to ensure optimum stereo imaging and soundstage.


Unique Planar Magnetic Sound

Utilizing planar magnetic drivers derived from the award-winning PM-1 headphones, the PM-3 features deep bass, smooth midrange, and clear treble. The sound signature can be described as very natural and balanced, with plenty of emotion and impact.

Urban Style

OPPO PM-3 is designed as a soft, dedicated, moving listening room in ones urban life.

Fem-Optimized Magnet System

Maximizes sensitivity and consistency of the applied force over the driver area.

Double-sided Spiraling Coils

Allows twice as many conductors to be placed within the magnetic field, which leads to higher sensitivity, better damping, and even drive force.

Seven-Layer Diaphragm

Ensures that it is very stable under thermal stress and vibration

Purely Resistive Impedance

OPPOs planar magnetic driver has a flat conductor pattern that does not have any inductive components. This eliminates inductance related inter-modulation distortion, which is especially common in dynamic drivers with high impedance and a high number of voice coil turns.

Optimized for Mobile Use

The OPPO PM-3 has a sensitivity of 102 dB, which allows it to be easily driven with mobile devices. 
PM-3 provides isolation from the outside world, blocking out the surrounding noise.

Unparalleled Comfort

As one of the lightest closed-back planar magnetic headphone, PM-3 is a joy to listen for hours on end due to its 320g weight, plush padding and carefully calibrated clamping force.

Material and Build Quality

The OPPO PM-3 is ruggedly constructed with strong metal and plush padding materials. The headphones have been tested to very high standards to withstand mechanical and environmental stress in order to guarantee exceptional performance throughout its lifespan. 

In-line Mic and Remote

The PM-3 is shipped with a 3 meter main cable and your choice of a 1.2 meter portable cable for iPhone®, Android®/Windows phones®, or without mic & control.

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