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Sonica is an elegant and powerful Wi-Fi speaker designed with state of the art technology delivering unbeatable sound quality in a compact package.


Elegant and Powerful

Acoustic design and tuning of the Sonica Wi-Fi Speaker is performed by Igor Levitsky, the same designer behind the award-winning OPPO PM-series planar magnetic headphones.

Control via App

Sonica comes equipped with Wi-Fi, AirPlay and Bluetooth capabilities, and the companion smartphone and tablet app makes it easy to manage multiple speakers on the same network. The Sonica app puts you in the conductor’s seat, allowing you to have every speaker play the same song in unison or enjoy a different listening experience around every corner.

Rich and Vibrant Sound

The speaker drivers, amplifiers and chassis are expertly tuned for a deep, pure, and engaging sound.

High Resolution Audio

The audio decoder supports up to 192kHz sample rate. Hear your music with utmost clarity and highest fidelity.

    Room Optimization

    Sonica comes equipped with Wi-Fi, AirPlay and Bluetooth capabilities, and the companion built-in presets optimize the sound for different room sizes, speaker locations, and listening preferences.

    Music Without Limits

    Stream music from your smartphone and tablet via Wi-Fi, AirPlay or Bluetooth; play files of many formats from USB drives or network computers; stream audio from online music services; or even connect using an AUX cable.

    Multi-Room Music

    Add more Sonica speakers to your home and enjoy music wherever you are. With the Sonica app, you are in the conductor’s seat deciding what music is streamed to each speaker.

    Control from App

    Use the free Sonica app on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer to stream and control your music. Invite friends to join the party by running the app on their phones too.

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    Strong Wi-Fi Reception

    Multiple built-in adaptive antennas with MIMO technology ensure great signal strength for 2.4/5 GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi networks.

    Effortless Setup

    Simply plug in the power cord, use the Sonica app to connect the speaker to your Wi-Fi or wired network, and start playing music.

    Stream Your Favorites

    Stream your favorite songs or playlists from TIDAL and Spotify.


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