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Vertere D-Fi Cable

Vertere D-Fi Cable

Today, music is wanted on demand – anytime, anywhere – and Vertere Pulse D-Fi Cable is ready to play a vital role in almost any situation. The myriad of portable devices continue to grow as does derivative products like headphones and portable DACs. This has created a desire to have ‘real’ musical quality even while on the go! Vertere’s research has proved that most of the portable devices available have the potential for high-quality audio performance. Critically this is only achieved as long as they are connected with correctly and specifically designed cables.

New generations of music listeners hold functionality in high regard, but they also respond equally to quality of performance from their devices. D-Fi delivers this key ingredient of satisfaction and reward that makes all the difference when listening to the music they love! D-Fi brings the music!

— It is the first audio cable developed specifically to unearth an audiophile performance from mass market digital devices
— Conversely, it is the only mass market cable developed to seamlessly cross over into high end audio products.
— Pulse D-Fi cable transforms music with headphones, mobile devices, home computers and AV systems.
  • D-Fi Analogue Tonearm Cable
  • D-Fi Analogue Interconnect Cable
  • D-Fi Headphone / RCA Cable
  • D-Fi Headphone Cable
  • D-Fi Coaxial Digital Cable
  • D-Fi USB Digital Cable

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