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Vertere Pulse-HB Hand-built Cable System

Vertere Pulse-HB Hand-built Cable System

To ensure absolute integrity of signal transmission, Vertere Pulse-HB utilises various bespoke internal conductor designs to provide unsurpassed performance at all levels. Pulse-HB’s proprietary conductors are all constructed from scratch using high purity copper with various diameters with each strand silver or tin plated as required. These bare conductors, some of which are a fraction of the thickness of a human hair, are then made into the individual insulated internal conductors. Finally, the internal conductors are all combined with a unique configuration and twist, shield wrapped, shield braided and coated with a special outer covering. Pulse-HB Tonearm and Interconnect cables are meticulously hand assembled to the exacting standards of the original masters and put through several QC checks and final listening tests.

  • HB Hand-built Analogue Tonearm Cable
  • HB Hand-built Analogue Interconnect Cable
  • HB Hand-built Headphone Cable
  • HB Hand-built Speaker Cable
  • HB Ethernet Cable (RJ45 Connector)
  • HB AES/EBU Balanced Digital Cable
  • HB Coaxial Digital Cable V2
  • HB Hand-built Digital USB Cable
  • HB Mains Power Cable

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