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Vertere Super Groove Precision Tonearm (price: 2 250,00 €, VAT excluded)

Vertere Super Groove Precision Tonearm

To achieve breath-taking musical performance, the Vertere Super Groove Precision Tonearm utilises a combination of quality materials including roll-wrapped carbon-fibre, stainless steel, brass, aluminium alloys and silicon nitride. Its unique bearing design and versatile anti-skate adjustment make it an ideal partner for highest quality cartridges and turntables.




Why Super Groove Precision Tonearm?

  • New unique precision Tri-Pivot Articulated, ultra-low stiction bearing.

  • New Aluminium head-shell.

  • New heavier decoupled main counterweight with fine azimuth adjustment screw.

  • New fine-tuning of tracking weight and arm/cartridge resonance control adjustment weight ring.

  • New connections all custom manufactured and triple gold-plated.

  • Non-resonant, high-rigidity roll-wrapped carbon fibre arm tube.

  • Bias-curve adjustable anti-skate mechanism.

  • Custom Vertere internal wiring

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