Rania Accessory Dimmer

Remote dimmers (HI-RD-) are used in combination with a Rania RF local lighting control to provide 2-way and 3-way control. As many as nine (9) HI-RD- can be used with a single Rania RF dimmer


IMPORTANT NOTE :Regulations for products with radio frequency change from country to country. Therefore, HomeWorks products with radio frequency are not available in all countries. You should consult Lutron to understand which products with radio frequency are available in your country. HomeWorks Rania dimmers operate near 868 MHz.

1. Lutron recommends the use of accessory dimmer(s) for multi-location applications.

2. For use with European style round backboxes with minimum depth of 38 mm.

3. For information about additional colours, contact Lutron Customer Service


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