New P5 Processors

HomeWorks® Processors comprise the major communication hub of a HomeWorks system. Each processor has communication links, which allow the processor to interact with various system components.System components communicate with a processor through low-voltage wiring or radio frequency. Some components must be connected to the processor through a interface. These interfaces are available as stand-alone components or as built-in components in specific models of processors.


8 series processors may be used with any and all HomeWorks products, providing the most style and finish options. Remote power modules can only be used with the 8 series processor. The processor includes an ethernet link, two RS-232 links, a hybrid signal repeater link, and is capable of powering 350 keypad LEDs.


4 series processors cannot be used with Remote PowerModules. Dimming is accomplished via Maestro lighting controls, wallbox power modules, or GRAFIK Eye® controls units. The processor includes an ethernet link,an RS-232 link, an optional hybrid signal repeater link,and is capable of powering 150 keypad LEDs.


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