Wallbox Power Modules

HomeWorks® Wallbox Power Modules (WPM) control six zones of lighting. The WPM is designed to be located in closets, equipment rooms, and other locations in the home where it is “hidden” from view. Clients use keypads to control the lights connected to the WPM

2. US-style wallbox 241400 is supplied with all Wallbox Power Modules.Plastic wallboxes are available upon request


Each WPM has a default scene button on the front that allows a user to toggle between a preset sceneand OFF. This scene is stored inside the WPM and canbe activated at any time. The default scene provides “fail-safe” operation allowing the WPM to be controlled locally if communication to the processor is lost.


• Minimises the number of controls on the wall

• Provides a cost-effective dimming solution to jobs with lower wattage loads

• Reduces over all job cost by up to 5-20% when lessthan 96 control zones are required

• Install in areas where available space is minimal

• Compatible with LINCTM prewire boxes


See  Wallbox Power Module BROCHURE 


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