Lutron Rania RF Lamp Dimmer

Lutron  Rania RF Lamp Dimmer

Rania RF lamp dimmers allow table and floor lamps to be included in the HomeWorks® lighting control system. Each RF lamp dimmer controls one table or floor lamp. Simple to install, RF lamp dimmers are plugged into any standard wall outlet. Lamp dimmers can be controlled from any HomeWorks keypad in the home as well as from touch screens, universal remotes,and home automation controls. RF lamp dimmers include advanced features such as fade-on/fade-off, long fade-to-off, and rapid full-on.The local control may be programmed like a keypad button press with single and double tap functions.

HRT-3LD- controls a single incandescent/halogen lamp up to 300 W

Communication to system
The Rania RF dimmer and the Rania RF lamp dimmer communicate to the HomeWorks system through a hybrid repeater interface. A hybrid repeater (model HR-REP-868) must be connected to the system inorder to control the RF dimmers.All RF dimmers must be located within 9 m of a hybrid repeater. One processor can control up to 64 RF Rania dimmers.



Ordering Example: HRI-RD-AW (add colour/finish suffix to model #)

1. Lutron recommends the use of accessory dimmer(s) for multi-location applications

2. For use with European style round backboxes with minimum depth of 38 mm.

3. For information about additional colours, contact Lutron Customer Service.

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