Lutron Rania RF Dimmer

Lutron  Rania RF Dimmer

Rania RF dimmers function like standard wall dimmers and can be controlled as part of the whole-house lighting control system. Rania RF wall dimmers have advanced features such as fade-on/fade-off, long fade to-off, and rapid full-on. In addition, the local control may be programmed similar to a keypad button press with single and double tap functions, turning multiple lights on or off. Rania RF local lighting controls install in single-pole, 2-way, or 3-way applications

HRI-45D1- will dim a single incandescent, magnetic low voltage or electronic low-voltage circuit up to 450W/VA.


Ordering Example: HRI-45D1-AW (add colour/finish suffix to model #)

1 Lutron recommends the use of accessory dimmer(s) for multi-location applications.

2 Mounts in square and round style backbox. Backbox supplied by others.

3 For information about additional colours, contact Lutron Customer Service

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