Lutron seeTouch Base Unit Keypads

Lutron  seeTouch Base Unit Keypads

 seeTouch Keypads without faceplate and buttons.


1 .  Non-IR Model = 1B-I, 2B-I, 3B-I, 3BRL-I, 4B-I, 4FS-I, 4S-I, 5B-I, 5FS-I, 5BRL-I, 6B-I, 6BRL-I, 7B-I, 1B-NI, 2BNI, 3B-NI, 3BRL-NI, 4B-NI, 4FS-NI, 4S-NI, 5B-NI, 5FS-NI, 5BRL-NI, 6B-NI, 6BRL-NI, 7B-NI.

     IR model = 4SIR-I or 4SIR-NI .

2 . US-style backbox 241218 is supplied upon request with the purchase of a control. See here .

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