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In order to record your favourite film in perfect quality, Loewe has created
two versions of the ViewVision DVD recorder:

the basic model of the ViewVision DVD recorder records TV programmes
onto a DVD or copies films recorded on your digital video camera.
In addition the ViewVision can be used to play DVDs and audio and photo CDs.

The ViewVision DR+ DVB-T DVD recorder also has an integrated hard disk which has capacity for up to 350 hours worth of your favourite stars.
The timeshift function affords greater flexibility. Are you recording a film that you want to watch at the same time but have just missed the first few minutes? No problem – simply enjoy the recording with time delay – and skip the ad breaks, should you so wish. The integrated DVB-T receiver allows you to watch one channel and simultaneously record another with ViewVision DR+ DVB-T. A previous generation Loewe set can be upgraded for digital reception via this DVD recorder.


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