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Vision LCD (price: 59,00 €, VAT excluded)


The HFX Vision LCD is a new designed very slim LCD for HFX mini acryl, HFX classic, HFX PowerNAS and RipNAS solid. It is connected via USB to configure it and to show information delivered by LCD Smarti. It has also an onboard T-Balancer fan control and temperature sensor. It can be perfectly used for semipassive cooling or as safety control fan.

LCD Smarti works with HFX Vision LCD, all available Plugins can be used, such as WinAMP, Weather, System-Information, Windows MCE. It can display: Everest stats, Speedfan stats, MBM stats (your CPU temp, fan/cooler speed, etc), BBC World News (or any other RSS feed!), WinAmp stats (currently playing tracks title, length, position, etc), Network stats (speed, total bytes, etc), CPU Speed, Disk available/free, memory usage, Email details, game stats, and many more...


  • LCD with 16*2 characters
  • white characters on black background
  • 4 blue LEDs onboard for system status like HDD, Power or Raid-Controller
  • brightness and contrast can be adjusted via USB software
  • shows temperatures and fan speed
  • more information delivered by LCD Smarti with internal USB
  • compatible with HFX classic, HFX mini acryl black, HFX PowerNAS and RipNAS solid
  • LCD drivers for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Linux available
  • firmware can be updated with USB

The HFX Vision LCD can also be used for other computer cases due to its thin dimensions. As Remote Control we recommend HFX VISTA GP control.


Linux Driver

Windows Driver


Technical Drawing

How to connect

Configuration Tool

LCD Smartie for HFX PowerNAS

LCD Smartie for RipNAS solid

Please note, that the LCD can be connected only with one USB software. Please make sure, that LCD Smartie is closed when using the HFX LCD configuration tool. Please choose the right COM-Port and adjust to 19.200 Baud.

The HFX Vision LCD needs to be connected with USB (5V) and with a fan cable from the motherboard (12V).

Package Contents:

LCD modul, 2 superthin analogue temperature sensors, fan header connector cable, internal USB cable


Price, € 59,00


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