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FanAmp (price: 18,00 €, VAT excluded)

FanAmp is especially designed for 1-channel-fan systems, for semipassive cooled systems and for safety fans in passive cooled systems. The FanAmp is easy adjustable with 2 poties. FanAmp makes it also possible to convert the mainboard signals (7-12V) into a wider range from 0-12V. This features makes zero fan speed controlable with any mainboard tool. The mainboard will also be released from supplying power to the fan. The Fanamp is connected separately with the power supply and can deliver 25W permanent power.

  • release the mainboard from supplying power for fans
  • separate power supply for fans and water pumps with permanent analog 25W
  • converts mainboard signals from 7-12V to 0-12V
  • an analogue thin foil sensor activates 100% speed over a certain temperature limit

temperature limit

The hottest spot can be monitored with the thin foil temperature sensor. You can adjust with the right knob the exact temperature, where the FanAmp speed the fan up to 100%. If the temperature falls back under the limit, the speed will be reduced after a while (build-in delay/ Hysteresis).


If there is no input signal connected, the left knob adjusts the speed of the fan between 0 and 100%. If you have a fan, which is able to move very slowly (like the X12 with 50rpm), then you can make your fan inaudible.


The FanAmp will be connected separately to the power supply. The voltage converter on the mainboard will be released and can provide their full power to the processor and other components.
With 25W permanent analog power you can also run several fans in parallel or control a 12V water pump. The short-time power (for example during start-up of a water pump) of the FanAmp is more than a 550W power supply can provide.

signal spreader

Most of the mainboards can control the speed of the connected fans between 7V and 12V with either the BIOS or Mainboard tools. But with 7V a fan still runs fast. 
FanAmp can convert the mainboard signal from 7-12V into 0-12V. It makes the usable range bigger and allows a complete stop of the fan.

software control

With motherboard tools, like MSI Core Center or Speedfan you can add more options to control fan speed from zero to the maximum!


dimensions: 60x37x16mm
measurement range: 20°C to 120°C
- weight: 75g
- max. consumption: 10A
- max. power: 25W (analogue)

Price, € 18,00


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