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Attenuator (price: 5,80 €, VAT excluded)

Electronic Attenuater for all fans up to 16V

  • audible reduction of fan noise like humming, piping or rumbling
  • compatible with all fans
  • improves operating characteristic of every fan and increases life-time
  • effectiv analog attenuation and filtering
  • up to 2 fans can be connected

The Attenuator is an electronic attenuation device, which is optimised for PC fans. It eliminates easy and audible fan noises due to an effective analoge attenuation and filtering of the voltage. Especially noises like rumbling, humming and piping are strongly reduced.

The Attenuator is optimal for digital fan controls, but also for analogue ones with high-frequent ripples. The Attenuator will be connected easily before the fan and reduces immediately any fan noises. Up to 2 fans can be connected to the Attenuator. 


  • 20 x 35 x 12 mm
  • up to 6 Watt
  • compatible with all fans up to 16V
  • with tachosignal

Contents of package: 
Attenuator, fan cable, Quick Install

The Attenuator is compatible with all digital and analog fan controls. Attention, please check the cable connectors, in some cases adapters (like 3Pin to 2 Pin) are necessary!

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Price, € 5,80


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