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BorgFX® VGA (price: 65,00 €, VAT excluded)

The new BorgFX VGA heatpipe cooler has some major improvements to ensure highest cooling performance also with newest models of graphic cards:

> nickel coated copper block
> low height of 18mm, which reduces distance to next slot card
> backside mounting plate for prevent the card from bending
> you can extend the BorgFX® VGA with additional heatpipes

The BorgFX® VGA transports the heat from the graphic card with 2 heatpipes to the left heatsink. The active cooling has to be removed from the VGA card and the BorgFX® VGA has to be mounted with the 2 holes of the VGA card. Due to the flexible heatpipe plug-in system most kind of VGA cards are supported (if they have a 2 hole mounting):

> AGP cards 
> PCI-Express cards 
SLI cards

For SLI cards 2 Borg HGC are required. For Graphic cards lower then X800 you can also use BorgFX Bridge.

Mounting hole distance: 54mm or 72 to 80mm
Copper block: 38*30*7mm
Heatpipe adapter: 35*30*5mm
Heatpipes: Copper, diameter=6mm, 90° bended
Total height: 18mm

Specification Heatpipes:
material: pure Copper 
max. heat transfer rate: 33W 
thermal resistance: 0.08°C/W 
working temperature: 30~120°C 
crack temperature: 280°C 
working fluid: deionized water 
wick structures: sintered powder metal 
surface finish: nickel plated

For double the amount of heatpipes and the cooling performance, please extend with BorgFX Extension.

Package contents: 
GPU copper heatsink (nickle coated), 4 bended heatpipes (diameter of 6mm), 
6 heatpipe plates, 2 mounting plates (for front and back side), screws


Price, € 65,00


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