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Riser card PCIe 1x flexible 4cm – micro (price: 15,00 €, VAT excluded)

With the help of flexible Riser cards you can use in the HFX mini any TV tuner or soundcard. The card will be placed horizontically and mounted to the back panel of the HFX mini. The riser card uses a new and ultraflat (0.1mm) cable which is very flexible.

mCubed produces ultraflat and very flexible riser cards. With only 0.1mm the riser card cable is very thin and very flexible.


  • riser PCI flexible 11cm for HFX mini (top and middle position) and HFX micro
  • riser PCI flexible 3cm for HFX mini (bottom position)
  • riser PCIe1x flexible 4cm for HFX micro

Price, € 15,00


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