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DreamVision Yunzi Family

DreamVision Yunzi Family


High contrast Full-HD projector

The Yunzi Family is a Full-HD projector rated at 50,000:1 contrast ratio with a slightly brighter picture amongst the Yunzi Series. It may be upgraded either with the Active 3D or the Passive 3D kit.

Ease of installation

Thanks to their high quality full-glass motorized optic lens and their numerous picture presets, the Yunzi Series are installed in a snap effortlessly.


6 preset + 5 custom Picture Profiles

The Yunzi Family comes with 6 simplified profiles. Each profile is pre-calibrated to deliver out of the box, a rich and colored picture. You can also adapt and set up to 5 user picture profiles to your personnnal taste.

tsl calib 

3D Compatibility

Bring 3D technology into your home by upgrading your Yunzi Family projector with our Active 3D kit or Passive 3D kit. Supported 3D formats:

  • 1080p @ 23.98/24Hz (FP, T&B and SbS)
  • 720p @ 50 or 59.94/60Hz (FP, T&B and SbS)
  • 1080i @ 50/60Hz - (FP and SbS)
  • 1080p @ 50/60Hz Side by Side
  • 3DTV PLAY for PC games and HTPC

Life Collection

The Yunzi “Life Collection” has been created for the most audacious interior decorators. Whatever your living-room dominant tint, choose the best color for your projector, based on RAL classification.


1300 ANSI Lumens

Thanks to the bright 1300 ANSI lumens output of the Yunzi Family projector, it can be used with medium to large screens up to 240 inches diagonal, for both 2D and 3D projections.

120Hz Clear Motion Drive

The artefact-free Clear Motion Drive allows a true-to-life projection using frame interpolation or inverse telecine computation. Enjoy live events and TV shows seen as if you were there.

120 Hz CMD

Glossy finish

The Yunzi Family is also available in the classic glossy white and the new "Infinite Black" finish.



Active 3D Kit

Choose and select the active 3D glasses among the available models to upgrade the Yunzi Family projector for 3D movies and 3D games. Available options: infra red or radio frequency synchronization, classic or Deluxe glasses.

Active 3D Kit

BEST 3D Passive Kit

The BEST 3D Passive Kit adapts your projector for passive 3D. Experience the outstanding confort and 3D performances of ultra light glasses.

Best 3D Passive Kit

Ceiling Mount

The ceiling mount also features an extension up to 1.30m offset length.


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