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DreamVision Yunzi 2

DreamVision Yunzi 2


90,000:1 Contrast Ratio

The 90,000:1 native contrast ratio of the Yunzi 2 is achieved by using latest LCoS panels and wire grid technology.


4k Interpolation

Yunzi Series feature the latest evolution of the award-winning 4k-Interpolation engine and now it tremendously improves the perceived details and also generates greater picture depth.

4k Interpolation

thx 3D display

The Yunzi 3 and Yunzi 2 have successfully passed all the tests for the "THX 3D Display" certification. They also come calibrated to THX standards.

Advanced 3D Settings

The dedicated 3D Settings menu is available with 2D and 3D sources Frame Packing, Top & Bottom and Side-by-Side:

  • Crosstalk Cancel adjustment
  • Parallax Setting
  • 2D-to-3D Conversion
  • 2D-to-3D Conversion Intensity

7 preset + 9 custom Picture Profiles

The Yunzi 2 comes with an expert calibration menu available to the most demanding users. Each calibration set can be stored into one of 4 dedicated calibrator profiles, 5 User or the 7 preset profiles. Thanks to the new 7-axis HSL calibration, it has never been so easy to obtain a perfect picture.

tsl calib 

1200 ANSI Lumens

Thanks to the bright 1200 ANSI lumens output of the Yunzi Series, they can be used with medium to large screens up to 240 inches diagonal, for both 2D and 3D projections.

Glossy finish

The Yunzi 2 is available in the classic glossy white and the new "Infinite Black" finish.


Life Collection

The Yunzi “Life Collection” has been created for the most audacious interior decorators. Whatever your living-room dominant tint, choose the best color for your projector, based on RAL classification.



THEATRE System Kit

The THEATRE System Kit provides an unique experience to watch 2D movies in their genuine 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Feeling at home the true cinema impact.

theatre system

BEST 3D Passive Kit

The BEST 3D Passive Kit adapts your projector for passive 3D. Experience the outstanding confort and 3D performances of ultra light glasses.

Best 3D Passive Kit

Ceiling Mount

The ceiling mount also features an extension up to 1.30m offset length.


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