About company Digiart-AV

DIGIART- AV is a distribution and custom-install company located in the center of Baltic, Riga, Latvia.
Our focus is distribution and representing in Latvia, Baltics and some CIS countries of high-profile brands proven by history, expertise and advanced technologies.
We try to select for our dealers, who are mainly custom installation specialists, strongest brands on the market, providing both service and support.
Our team is not big: we aim to be effective and reliable partner for our contractors. We always desire to have better understanding of markets we work on needs to organize and provide better service. The best award for it is acknowledgement from our partners and customers, when targets and clients are happy.

World is changing, and AV, HI-FI, High-End industry is the part of the world that might change sometimes quicker than others, so we should be adaptive and quick in making decisions. Being relatively small company we have that advantage.

Our motto is: If your job is at the same time your hobby and one of the main life interests, it may deliver height of arts, in our case it is DIGITAL AV arts or DIGIART AV.


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