NuPrime Audio Acquires the NuForce High-End Audio Product Line


NuPrime Audio is a new and independent company whose purpose is to carry on in the celebrated tradition of the NuForce high-end product line. Starting with the IDA-16, an extreme-resolution digital integrated amplifier, NuPrime will be launching a series of superb yet affordable audio products in 2014 and beyond.

NuPrime Audio, having taken over NuForces high-end product line, offers several of a projected series of superbly engineered components: the IDA-16, an extreme-resolution integrated digital amplifier; the DAC-10H, a full-featured digital-to-analog converter and preamp capable of PCM 32bit/384kHz and DSD256 decoding with dual headphone outputs (6.2mm and XLR); and the ST-10, a well-priced Reference LE-class stereo amplifier with 200W X 2 (at 8 Ohm) power.

Under a licensing agreement with NuForce, existing NuForce high-end products, e.g., the Reference 20 mono amp and P-20 preamp, will continue to bear the NuForce badge. New products will be identified as NuPrime. Customers requiring support for NuForce high-end products are asked to visit the NuPrime website.

NuPrime Audio's products are being distributed in Argentina, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. 


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