Inti BEST - 3D passive Series

Inti BEST - 3D passive Series


Unprecedent optimized projection system

Dreamvision is proud to release the Inti BEST projector range. The BEST (Bi-level Efficiency Stereo Transmitter) module is a new concept of passive 3D which will be a milestone in the history of video-projection. The creation of the 3D effect is based on an innovating management of the light path and an optimized polarization modulator that implements high-tech materials. The result is an unprecedent optimized projection system, whose performance in 2D is equivalent to the one in 3D.

Exceptionnal light efficiency

The new Inti BEST - 3D passive can project at a brightness of 1,000 ANSI lumens in 2D and 3D and they offer a 50% increase in brightness in 3D mode compared to the regular active sets by Dreamvision. The new models therefore deliver a brighter picture, more detailed and more pleasing.

Benefits of Passive 3D projection

There is no active shuttering with the Dreamvision BEST system, the perception of the 3D images is smooth and the spectators will feel more comfortable. This drastically reduces the eye strain and avoids the headaches or nauseas that sometimes may be disturbing during an active 3D projection.

The best 3D solution available on the market

  •     Easy to setup and straight forward use
  •     Out of the box pre-calibrated for 2D and 3D modes
  •     Light weight glasses, cost effective and with no battery
  •     Highest contrast available on the market
  •     50% brightness gain over Active 3D
  •     Similar picture quality and brightness in 2D and 3D modes
  •     Single-head 3D passive projection system

Highest contrast on the 3D market

Thanks to the native performances of the Inti+ Series (up to 120,000:1 contrast ratio), associated to the exceptionally efficient BEST - 3D Passive system, the 3D picture quality obtained is uncredible.

Optimized Picture Profiles

The Inti BEST Series are calibrated to produce vibrant and colorful pictures in both 2D and 3D modes. An expert calibration menu is also available for the most demanding users and features a 7-axis HSL calibration for a faster and easier picture fine tuning.

3D Passive glasses are lighter

Thanks to the absence of embedded electronics and battery, the 3D passive glasses are ten times lighter than the 3D active glasses.

Seamless Clip-On

A Clip-On item is also available to the customers who already wear viewing glasses. The 1 gram difference is literally imperceptible.

5D screens

Dreamvision introduces a new screen fabric, the Passive 5D screens. Thanks to a special coating, this cloth eliminates the hot spots frequently observed on traditional silver screens and optimizes the 3D effects. Put shortly, it is optimized for passive 3D projection as well as 2D projection.


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