Zonee (price: 599,00 €, VAT excluded)

The HFX zonee is the first multi-zone high resolution audio network player, which is designed for highend USB-DAC and USB-Amplifiers. You can control each zone with your iPAD or Android device. 

  • Supports all audio codec (FLAC, AIFF, Apple, WAV, WMA, MP3 and more)
  • Supports all high resolutions from 16BIT/44kHz to 32BIT/192kHz
  • Resampling to USB-DAC on-the-fly
  • Supports up to 4 USB-DACs (like ASUS Xonar, Creative X-Fi, HFX RipAMP, M2TECH Hiface,
    Calyx DAC, CEntrance DACmini, HRT Music Streamer Pro, Wadia,and many more)
  • Direct Sound Output with mini jack or S/PDIF RCA
  • Pure UPNP Player with support of UPNP control points like Asset Control (Win),
    Songbook (iPAD, iPhone), PlugPlayer (Android), Andromod and more

The different Zones can be configured and named via a web interface. Front LEDs show, which Zone is actually playing and with which quality.

 Technical Specification:
 >> 4 zones with up to 32BIT/192kHz via USB
 >> Analog mini jack stereo output on the back panel
 >> S/PDIF on the back panel with up to 32BIT/192kHz
 >> 2x USB 2.0 low ampere + 2x USB 2.0 high ampere on the backpanel

 The product has 2 years manufacturer warrenty, no moving parts inside for long life and low consumption with only max. 7W.

  Price, 599,00 €







Zonee in a 1-room and multi-room installation:
































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