Siglos 2 X-TRA

Siglos+ 2


1,300,000:1 Contrast Ratio

The 130,000:1 native contrast ratio of the Siglos 2 X-TRA is achieved by using latest LCoS panels and wire grid technology. Thanks to the Dynamic Lens Aperture, the Siglos 2 X-TRA can reach the outstanding 1,300,000:1 Contrast Ratio.


4K Projector


The Siglos X-TRA projectors accept 4K@24/50/60Hz signals on both HDMI inputs. Thanks to the precise 4K-Interpolation algorithm, they can upscale and display any resolution in a pristine 4K resolution.



Siglos X-TRA Series feature the latest evolution of the award-winning 4k-Interpolation engine and now it tremendously improves the perceived details and also generates greater picture depth.

4k Interpolation

HDR content autodetect

The Siglos X-TRA Series come with HDMI 2.0b connections, HDCP 2.2 and HDR compatibility. When a HDR content is input, the Siglos X-TRA also auto-detects the MaxCLL and MaxFALL HDR parameters so that the picture is much more natural and precise, optimizing the 2 000 ANSI lumens output to obtain bright and contrasted pictures. It also supports Hybrid Log gamma generally used in BBC and NHK broadcasts TV programs and also in HDR streaming services.


New Low Latency Mode

Dedicated to sharp pictures and precision, the Siglos X-TRA comes with new, high quality, Low Latency mode that can improve the thrill when playing video games, viewing virtual reality show or experiencing simulations.


400Hz Clear Motion Drive

The artifact-free Clear Motion Drive allows a true-to-life projection using frame interpolation or inverse telecine computation. Enjoy live events, TV shows and your favorite movies as if you were just behind the camera.


1900 ANSI Lumens

Thanks to the new illumination system and optimized light engine, the Siglos 2 X-TRA projectors have a powerfull light output of 1900 ANSI lumens. They can now be used even with very large screens up to 240 inches diagonal, for both 2D and 3D projections.


DCI-P3 Color Gamut

The Siglos 2 and 3 X-TRA comes with an expert calibration menu available to the most demanding users. The colors panel has been drastically extended to DCI-P3 color gamut, making the picture to feel more vibrant and colorful. Thanks to the 6 presets, 9 custom picture profiles and the 19 precise color presets, it has never been so easy to obtain a perfect picture.


Glossy finish

The Siglos Series are available in the classic glossy white and the "Infinite Black" finish.


Life Collection

The Life "Collection" has been created for the most audacious interior decorators. Whatever your living-room dominant tint, choose the best color for your projector, based on RAL classification.



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