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NXP-CPI16 (price: 221,00 €, VAT excluded)


The NetLinx Custom Panel Interface provides a direct ICSNet connection to custom control panels. It's pin-for-pin compatible with devices that were designed for use with the AXP-CPI16 card (designed for integration with an Axcess Control System). Two 20-pin headers provide ribbon cable wiring or direct-connect insertion to circuit boards, providing inputs for up to 16 closures and 16 feedback outputs for LEDs. Under software control, the LED outputs can act as drivers to 8-segment bargraphs or as discrete outputs for feedback. In addition, the NXC-CPI16 also includes two quadrature inputs for mechanical or optical rotary encoders, used to control variable levels such as volume and lights, or lens focus and zoom.

The NXP-CPI16 is a versatile, useful device for both custom panel and contact-closure applications.


  • Integrates custom panels with 16 closure inputs and 16 LED outputs; pin-for-pin compatible with panels designed for AXP-CPI16
  • Operates as a low-cost closure interface
  • Acts as a driver for up to two 8-segment LED bargraphs; each bargraph uses eight of the 16 LED outputs
  • Allows precision digital control of up to two levels from quadrature inputs
  • Accepts mechanical or optical rotary encoders
  • Offers programmable level response, provides software-driven performance adjustment and switchable coarse/fine level control


2 3/4" x 1 7/8" x 1 3/8" (7.0 cm x 4.7 cm x 3.6 cm)


  • Device: 8.10 oz (229.6 g)
  • Total Shipping: 1 lb (453.6 g)

POWER 12 VDC; maximum draw of 300 mA


  • Indicator power: Two-pin 3.5 mm captive wire
  • I/O Headers: Two 20-pin headers, 8 I/O channels each (16 closure inputs activated with GND or TTL Low (< 0.8 V). Open collector outputs (0-28 VDC). Inputs are sampled approximately every 10 msec
  • Rotary Encoder inputs: 2 Quadrature inputs on a 2 x 3 header (6-pin), two encoder inputs (4-pin) with a +5 V supply pin (supplying up to 100 mA) and a GND pin


  • Two RJ-45 connectors for ICSNet connection ID BUTTON
  • Generates an event from the CPI16 to allow you to assign new device numbers using the ID mode in NetLinx Studio

ICSP status indicator (green)

16-open collector outputs, acting as a switch to ground, up to 100 mA. Outputs can be connected to voltages ranging between 0 and + 28 V. Each output is updated every 10 msec


  • 6-pin header with 3 feet (91.4 cm) of ribbon cable
  • Two mating 20-pin headers, each with 3 feet of ribbon cable attached
  • One green 2-pin 3.5 mm pitch captive wire connector for external indicator power


    Price: 221,00 €, VAT excluded.


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