PRO 550 -SL-

Professional PRO 550 -SL- (price: 184,03 €, VAT excluded)

Professionally designed and equipped headphones.

PRO 750 -SL-

Professional PRO 750 -SL- (price: 268,06 €, VAT excluded)

These closed-back dark gray headphones use the stiffest drivers available: Titanium-plated!

PRO 900 -SL-

Professional PRO 900 -SL- (price: 377,31 €, VAT excluded)

The black PRO 900 is our reference headphone for the professional sector and has already proven its high quality sound performance in practice all over the world.

PRO 2900 -SL-

Professional PRO 2900 -SL- (price: 377,31 €, VAT excluded)

You prefer open-back headphones? Using stiff titanium-plated drivers, the PRO 2900 will convince with its outstanding distinctive and accurate sound reproduction.

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