HFI line

HFI 15 G

HFI line HFI 15 G (price: 71,43 €, VAT excluded)

These lightweight headphones can follow you easily. You barely feel it when you wear them.

HFI 450

HFI line HFI 450 (price: 83,19 €, VAT excluded)

The new HFI-450 includes the sound technology of the legendary HFI-15G.

HFI 580

HFI line HFI 580 (price: 125,21 €, VAT excluded)

The closed-back HFI-580 shows its very exclusive design and improved sound quality in a black-pearl coloured outfit.

HFI 680

HFI line HFI 680 (price: 167,22 €, VAT excluded)

Exclusive design and sand-grey coated.

HFI 780

HFI line HFI 780 (price: 184,03 €, VAT excluded)

The exclusive design of the closed-back HFI-780 is accentuated by the polar-silver colour. The HFI-780 contains all Ultrasone technologies such as S-Logic™ Plus, ULE and safer hearing.

HFI 2400

HFI line HFI 2400 (price: 192,43 €, VAT excluded)

You are looking for an open-back HFI model? With the HFI-2400 goose skin feeling is assured.

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