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2.35 Theatre Frames (price: 1 256,00 €, VAT excluded)



The 2.35 Theatre Frames feature a native scope aspect ratio to perfectly fit a projection just like in a commercial theatre. The scope aspect ratio gets ride of the annoying black bars and let you enjoy the movies as they were expected to be watched by their creators.



4 Sizes available:


theatre frame



Simple and Easy to set-up

The 2.35 THEATRE Frame is a self tensioned screen into a high quality elegant Velvet covered aluminium frame that can fit most medium to large projection setups. Perfectly fitting DreamVision THEATRE Systems and 2.35:1 projections.

Featuring three surface materials, the frame screens are the ideal choice for fixed screen installation. Thanks to the new 'high contrast’ surfaces and the reflection-free velvet covering, the 2.35 THEATRE Frames put the Home Cinema standards to a higher level.


3 Surfaces Materials

The choice of the surface material can in some case drastically improves the projection performances.

  • Classique (frame) : a solid screen surface, grey backed ideal for most setups. Its excellent elasticity make it easy to install and is incredibly reliable against tension loose. Gain 1.4.
  • Micro Perf : accoustically transparent thanks to micro perforation process, this fabric should be used in installation where the acoustic elements are installed behind the screen. Gain 1.2.
  • Grey High Contrast : Innovative black backed material for application where a dedicated dark room is used. The grey surface grants exceptional performances and excellent contrast to the projected image. Gain 0.8.
Micro Perforation process

Micro Perf

The micro perforation process used optimizes the sound transparancy with very low impact on the screen gain and picture quality. The size of the holes have been improved to be used with high definition projectors without moire artifacts.


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