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Day-Dream Screens (price: 1 070,00 €, VAT excluded)



The Day-Dream Screens size starts at 83 inches and ends at 151 inches diagonal. The motorized screens can be controlled using Radio and Infra-Red remote control units. There are two versions of the Day-Dream Screens: standard or tensioned.



Available Sizes:

NB: Due to surface material limitations some screen models are not available with a certain fabric, ask your distributor for more details.

theatre frame


Standard and Tensioned Motorized screen


A flowing design, styled exclusively for home use. Stylish, compact lightweight box and a 5cm black border to improve image contrast. 16:9 format has a standard 50cm black drop to customize the viewing height.

The Tensioned version is assuring total flatness and curl free performance with a fashionable and compact lightweight case that makes it an attractive choice for home theatre and many other applications.


5 Surfaces Materials

The choice of the surface material can in some case drastically improves the projection performances.

  • Classique (motorized) : a solid white screen surface, black backed ideal for most projections. Gain 1.2.
  • Home Cinema : special synthetic fibre double-bedded fabric, the seamless white screen surface can be used for most installations. Gain 1.0.
  • Rear proj : the special Rear projection fabric is ideal for openned space or living-rooms installs thanks to its exceptionnal brightness, even in enligthned environement. Gain 3.2.
  • Micro Perf : accoustically transparent thanks to micro perforation process, this fabric should be used in installation where the acoustic elements are behind the screen. Gain 1.2.
  • Grey High Contrast : Innovative black backed material for application where a dedicated dark room is used. The grey surface grants reliable performances and excellent contrast to dark colors. Gain 0.8.
Rear projection surface

A bright environment favors rear projection setups when there is enough place to put the projector behind the


 screen. The special Rear proj. surface amplifies the light source to make sure that the image obtained is clear and detailled, even in bright environments.


Micro Perforation process

Micro Perf


The micro perforation process used optimizes the sound transparancy with very low impact on the screen gain and picture quality. The size of the holes have been improved to be used with high definition projectors without moire artifacts.






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