A minimalist design idiom, innovation for the senses and exclusive individuality - following these central brand values, Loewe creates innovation with added value. The values also shape the brand's look and the entire chain of experience where the customers come into contact with Loewe.


Loewe  Reference 09.03.2012

Loewe Reference

Even at first glance, it’s clear that the Loewe Reference sets new standards – with its perfect design alone. Those who encounter it experience brilliant images, crystal-clear sound and a fantastic range of features - at the highest level of perfection.

Loewe  Individual 09.03.2012

Loewe Individual

No-one knows better than you how you want your television to look. That is why we have created Loewe Individual. The appearance — super slim. The design — timelessly minimalist. Your creative freedom — endless.

Loewe  Connect 09.03.2012

Loewe Connect

Loewe Connect features a contrast filter panel made of the colour neutral grey glass which is generally used for precision optical instruments – so you can experience a perfectly non-reflective television screen with particularly deep and rich colours.

Loewe  Art 09.03.2012

Loewe Art

The Loewe Art makes it easy to fall in love at first sight with a timelessly beautiful television. All that you are required to do is select what works best for you and your interior: the perfect screen size from 32 to 46 inches, the housing colour and the technical features that you really need – such as the Loewe DR+ hard disk recorder, which allows you to conveniently pause a live broadcast at just the touch of a button.

Loewe  Xelos 09.03.2012

Loewe Xelos

Discover the world of Loewe! Design, picture, functionality and set-up options:
the Loewe Xelos provides the perfect gateway into premium class home entertainment.

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