StormAudio PA 16 ELITE

StormAudio PA 16 ELITE

PA 16 ELITE - back view_white background - 689*352

This 16-channel high-power amplifier is the perfect fit for any high-channel count home theater, with multi-purpose high-profile speakers, that require a power amp that is up to the task.

The PA 16 ELITE high-performance Class D amplifier with continuous high-power capability (200W @ 8 Ohm and 400W @ 4 Ohm with up to 8 channels driven, 225W @ 4 Ohm with all channels driven) comes with XLR inputs, remote control via trigger and high-quality speaker binding posts that support banana plug and large wire sections.

Remote monitoring of the complete install (sound processor and power amp) is possible via network and Internet, for remote surveillance purposes.

The PA 16 ELITE comes in a home or rack version.


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