Stewart Cine-W

Stewart Cine-W


Many Hollywood blockbusters are produced in formats such as Cinemascope where the movie is 2.35 times wider than it is high. When watching this aspect ratio on a 16:9 screen, 33% of the pixels are used to create annoying black bars, therefore reducing your image resolution.

Designed for use with an anamorphic lens, the Cine-W features a native 2.35:1 image area allowing full enjoyment when watching movies in the super-wide cinemascope format.

Available with any of Stewart’s front or rear projection materials, the Cine-W allows for a perfectly tensioned screen surface. The exclusive VeLux™ appliqué finish absorbs over-scan and also helps to increase perceived contrast


Curved aluminum extrusion frame              Included

VeLux™ appliqué border (5˝)                     Included

Lace and grommet tensioning system        Included


Front projection material - flexible              Included

Rear projection material - flexible               Optional


Microperf X2                                           Optional


Wall mount brackets                                 Included

Aperture                                                   Optional


Maximum image size                      81.75 x 192 (2076 x 4877)

For custom sizes and gains, please consult the WebSA or your local Stewart representative



•   Curvature reduces exposure to cross-reflected and side wall sources of ambient light

•   Heightens viewer’s sense of immersion

•   Custom radius to optimize your application

•   Screen curve corrects for the pincushion geometry of anamorphic lenses

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