Contat Closure Interfaces

Contact Closure Interfaces allow simple integration of the HomeWorks® system with other equipment throughout the house. Equipment such as motion sensors, photocells, and security systems are able to activate lighting scenes and other HomeWorks system events through the use of Contact Closure Input Interfaces (HWI-CCI-8). Equipment such as shades,screens, gates, spas, and thermostats can be controlled by the HomeWorks system through the use of Contact Closure Output Interfaces (HWI-CCO-8). In addition, both the HWI-CCI-8 and the HWI-CCO-8 provide an infrared (IR) input that can be used to initiate HomeWorks system events using IR remote controls.

Contact Closure Interfaces (HWI-CCI-8 and HWI-CCO-8) can be mounted in any of four different enclosures:HWI-LV32-CE, HWI-LV24-CE, HWI-LV17-230, and HWI-ENC-CC.

Contact Closure Input Interface (MODEL HWI-CCI-8 )

Each dry contact closure input has an LED indicator that shows the state of the connected device. The CCI-8 has an IR receiver that is programmed in dependently of the contact closure inputs. This receiver allows Lutron® Handheld IR Transmitters(GRX-IT, and GRX-8IT) to control the system The IR receiver can recognize 11 different IR codes.The Lutron IR codes can be learned by most learning remotes, allowing audio/video remotes to controlthe lighting system.

Contact Closure Output Interface (MODEL HWI -CCO- 8 )

Many electronic devices have dry contact closure inputs, allowing them to be controlled by other systems. The HomeWorks® system uses the Contact Closure Output board to control pumps, shades,thermostats, audio/video, and other equipment supplied with dry contact closure inputs. Each CCO interface has eight independent outputs and eight corresponding push buttons with LED indicators. Bothnormally-open and normally-closed relay contacts are provided for each output, and can be programmed to provide either momentary (pulsed) or maintained(latching) functionality.These CCOs can be assigned to any keypad button or timeclock event in the same manner as any lighting load. In a typical application, a HomeWorks Keypad button can be programmed to activate an output on a CCO Interface that is connected to a motorised shade.The CCO Interface has an IR receiver. 

The Wallbox Closure Interface (model HWI-WCI)

Provides seven contact closure inputs and installs in a standard European wallbox. The HWI-WCI interfaces with low-voltage switches to provide an alternative look from a HomeWorks® keypad. The contact closure inputs are programmed using the HomeWorks software


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