Homeworks Maestro Switch

Maestro local lighting controls, function like standard dimmers and switches, but can be controlled as part of the whole-house lighting control system. Local lighting controls are useful in locations where single circuits of lighting need to be dimmed or switched. Maestro dimmers have advanced features such as fade on/fade off, long fade to off, and rapid full on. In addition,the local control may be programmed similar to a keypad button press with single and double tap functions, turning on or off multiple lights.HomeWorks® Maestro local lighting controls install in single-pole, 2-way, or 3-way applications.

HWA-2ANS-CE switch a single circuit of any lighting load type up to 2A. A neutral wire connection isrequired.


Ordering Example: HWA-5E-CE-WH (add colour/finish suffix to model #)

Plastic Matte Finishes: White (WH), Black (BL)

Metal finishes and engraving available

Please consult your Lutron Representative or Customer Service for details and pricing.

1. Maestro controls are not field colourizable.

2. US-style wallbox 241218 is supplied with devices. Plastic wallboxes are available upon request


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