Wireless RF tabletop Keypads

HomeWorks® wireless tabletop keypads provide maximum flexibility to locate the devices where the homeowner can conveniently monitor and control lighting, window treatments, and other home systems.Tabletop keypads are ideal for night stands, coffeetables, and kitchen counters. Keypad buttons areprogrammed to create a customised control that meetsthe individual needs of each home. Keypads have LEDs that provide real-time status indication. Custom engraving is available to clearly identify each button’s function.


The wireless tabletop keypads are available with slim button (5-, 10-, or 15-button) and large button (6-button) configurations. Metal faceplates can be added to enhance the look of any tabletop keypad. Units canbe ordered for communication near 434 MHz or 868MHz.


All wireless tabletop keypads must be located within 9m (30 feet) of a hybrid signal repeater. Each HomeWorks P5 Processor with a hybrid signal repeater link is capable of controlling up to 32 wireless tabletop keypads.

In 2008 the wireless RF tabletop keypads will include an engraving certificate inside the box. When engraving has been decided, you can redeem the engraving certificate for an engraved plastic tabletop faceplate at no charge (or the equivalent discount off an engraved metal tabletop faceplate)

1.  Engraving requires the purchase of a faceplate separately.

2.  If a tabletop keypad with a metal faceplate is desired, purchase a Midnight (MN) tabletop keypad and a separate engraved metal plate.

3.  Products are available that operate near 434 MHz or 868 MHz. Consult Lutron for which products are available in your country.


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