Signature Series Keypads

Signature Series keypads allow you to incorporate the functions of standard-size keypads into a slim control that offer a unique and elegant look. Signature Series keypads include 3- and 4-button configurations, with blue or green status indicators. Signature Series keypads feature large, easy-to-use buttons, plus aunique backlit (blue or green) engraving option that makes the keypads readable any time of the day or night. Buttons are rounded, allowing engraving to be displayed at an upward angle and increasing readability

  • Can be programmed to control an individual lighting zone, a group of lighting zones, a lighting scene for your entire home and landscape, or other systems in your home
  • Also have backlighting for easy readability any time of the day or night



Ordering Example: HWS-3B-G-WH (add colour/finish suffix to model #)

Metal Finishes: White (WH)3, Bright Brass (BB), Satin Nickel (SN), Bright Chrome (BC), Unfinished Brass (UB)

See Signature Series Keypads Brochure for more information.


Created by Digiart