seeTouch Base Unit Keypads

The seeTouch keypads feature large, easy-to-use buttons, plus a unique backlit engraving option that makes the keypads readable any time of the day or night. seeTouch buttons are rounded, allowing engraving to be displayed at an upward angle and increasing readability. seeTouch keypads are available with one to seven buttons, allowing you to customize the number of functions.The flexible design allows the number of buttons and the configuration of the buttons to be changed even after the keypad is installed.seeTouch keypads have two contact closure inputs on the back of the unit which provide independent functions from the front buttons. Other options include configurations with infrared receiver and raise/lower buttons.


Available in matt plastic finishes and metallic finishes.



1 .  Non-IR Model = 1B-I, 2B-I, 3B-I, 3BRL-I, 4B-I, 4FS-I, 4S-I, 5B-I, 5FS-I, 5BRL-I, 6B-I, 6BRL-I, 7B-I, 1B-NI, 2BNI, 3B-NI, 3BRL-NI, 4B-NI, 4FS-NI, 4S-NI, 5B-NI, 5FS-NI, 5BRL-NI, 6B-NI, 6BRL-NI, 7B-NI.

     IR model = 4SIR-I or 4SIR-NI .

2 . US-style backbox 241218 is supplied upon request with the purchase of a control. See here .


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