Control Interface (price: 350,00 €, VAT excluded)


  • Integrates a GRAFIK Eye QS Lighting & Shade Control System with a touchscreen, PC, or other digital equipment that supports RS232 communication, or TCP/IP communication over Ethernet.
  • Provides monitoring commands that allow a touchscreen or PC to query GRAFIK Eye QS Control Units to:

              - Determine which scene is selected.

              - Read individual zones intensity.

              - Keep track of buttons pressed.

  • Provides control commands that allow a touchscreen or PC to operate GRAFIK Eye Control Units to:

              -Select or sequence lighting scenes.

              - Raise or Lower one or more zones.

             - Set Zone Intensity on GRAFIK Eye QS Series

  • Control Units, which allows users to set intensities on zones of light and to raise and to lower an individual shade zone (Sivoia QSTM shades also allow the selection of individual shade zone levels).

             -Report scene changes and/or button presses.

  • May be programmed to control any combination of GRAFIK Eye QS Series Control Units on the link.
  • Provides two-way communication to and from QS system.
  • One (1) QSE-CI-NWK-E per QS system.








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