GRAFIK Eye QS Faceplate Kits with 0 blind zones (price: 100,00 €, VAT excluded)

 Faceplate is comprised of a top and bottom. The bottom will always be the colour indicated under “faceplate”. The top may be the same colour or translucent. Use the chart for faceplates that have the same colour top and bottom. If a translucent lid is chosen, the stripe will automatically be the same colour as the bottom lid.


 If you order QSG-4PCE-1WH, your GRAFIK Eye QS with 4 lighting zones and 1 blind zone will come with a white faceplate (both top and bottom), gray stripe, and white buttons.


Please visit GRAFIK Eye QS Visualizer to view all possible combinations!

XX=colour  >  See here  for available colours and combinations.



Button/wallplate color options


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