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Assist Media App


 The Assist Media app transforms the iPad into a large-scale, intuitive remote control for the intelligent Loewe television. Loewe is now making this pioneering app available for numerous LED televisions in the Individual, Connect and Art series – and with it, an innovation which surpasses the functionality of a simple remote control application. it, an innovation which surpasses the functionality of a simple remote control application. 

The Loewe Assist Media app is by no means simply a new way of carrying out standard remote control functions – such as switching channels or controlling the volume of a Loewe TV – on an iPad. Instead, the user has a list of channels at their fingertips, which immediately displays the current programme being shown on each digital channel. The premium class electronic programme guide (EPG) provides detailed information on films and TV series through Loewe’s partner, Gracenote. In addition to a short summary of the content, there’s also a list of the participating actors as well as recommendations for similar television programmes. As soon as an interesting programme has been found, the TV can be switched to the desired channel with just one click. But of course, the EPG can also be used as a straight-forward digital programme guide. Until recently, the EPG was only available for televisions; now the premium version can be accessed directly from the iPad and television programmes can be preselected with ease. 


If the user is particularly taken with a particular film or programme, they can decide on the spot to record the content onto the integrated hard drive of their Loewe TV set – the DR+ archive – via the iPad. It’s easy with One Touch Recording – both for programmes already showing and those about to air! All the user must do is ensure that the TV is in active mode and connected to the same wireless network as the iPad. 

You can also easily save your own favourite channels to the customisable dashboard, the homepage of the "remote control”, allowing you to quickly switch to the channel of your choice. Moreover, the Loewe TV’s MediaNet is integrated into the Loewe Assist Media app, meaning that even the apps found on MediaNet can be accessed using the iPad. An added stand-out highlight for users in Germany is access to integrated maxdome information. Using the iPad, it is possible to call up everything worth knowing about the films on Germany’s biggest online video portal. Selected films and series can then be rented and watched on your Loewe television. 
The Loewe Assist Media app is compatible with all Internet-enabled Loewe LED televisions over 32 inches. The relevant software version must be installed on the TV to support the app and this means that the function is also available for flat-screen TVs already shipped, thus enhancing them with a whole new dimension. 
The Loewe Assist Media app is currently available in numerous language versions in the AppStore. With the new Loewe app, the world of Loewe is becoming even more networked and convenient.


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