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BluTech Vision

The best BluRay players are proficient with 3D and the Internet.

With Loewe BluRay players, you’re prepared for tomorrow’s  home entertainment technology today. BluRay discs not only captivate with brilliant Full-HD pictures and breathtaking surround sound, they can also download additional online content such as trailers and information. What’s more, playback of 3D films poses no problem either.

The Loewe BluTech Vision Interactive is equipped with a network connection, which enables the download of additional content for the inserted film. The Loewe BluTechVision 3D offers Full-HD 3D support for 3D cinema entertainment in your living room.

Both Loewe BluRay players support all BD and DVD formats, BluRay Profile 2.0, 24p motion picture display, upscaling to 1080p, HDMI, 1.4 interface and Digital Link Plus HD.

Both devices also set benchmarks in terms of design – for example, the front flap elegantly recesses into the housing façade. What’s more, the operation status display is also visible via the characteristic Loewe eye.

Both BluRay players boast extremely fast boot and load times, which makes waiting for ages to play BluRay discs a thing of the past. And to ensure that the film experience is also a joy for the ears, the players are compatible with Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD and dts-HD.

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