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Individual Stand Speaker SL

Audio-visual experience.

Veritably room-filling: Loewe Audiodesign speakersbring your home cinema system to life like never before.

Treat your Loewe TV to the audio that becomes it so perfectly. For a unique audio-visual experience!

Loewe Audiodesign speakers captivate and move the senses – after all, our engineers have developed them in the same way a valuable instrument is built.
They must be entirely functional, minimalist and composed of only genuinely high-quality materials. This, for example, is how our electrostatic speakers came into being. The large, wafer-thin membrane of the Loewe Individual Stand Speaker SL not only guarantees transparent, vivacious high-end audio, it also serves as a design element which lends this exceptional audio component its radically slim-line form.

Superior sound from every angle.

Example 2.0: our Center and Stereo Speakersare designed in such a way that they produce acomprehensively outstanding and resoundinglyauthentic performance, even as soloists.

Or 3.1: now you can experience the precision and sensitivity with which Loewe Audiodesign speakers work as an ensemble – when two Stand Speakers are combined with the new Compact Subwoofer, for example.

Or 5.1: experience sound from all sides – or a high speed chase that goes straight through the room. Home cinema to defy the ears! And there are countless variants when it comes to putting together your 5.1 system. For a genuinely visceral experience, we recommend the 800W Loewe Subwoofer Highline.

Or 7.1: all from one single narrow elegant speaker! That’s the exclusive domain of the Loewe Individual Sound Projector – with 42 integrated speakers which conspire to create genuine 7.1 surround sound.

Or quite simply everywhere: courtesy of the Loewe Multiroom System which opens up audio throughout the home in all its guises – wirelessly if desired.

1 speaker = genuine 2.0 sound.

Every day at the same time, when the newsreader says "Good Evening." Or when you're watching an enthralling documentary. Or when the theme music starts for your favourite series. In fact, whenever you turn on your Loewe TV, from the very first tone, you will experience the exceptional and captivating quality that a single Loewe Audiodesignspeaker delivers. Our Center and Stereo Speakers are designed in such away that they produce a comprehensive and outstanding performance even as soloists. The Loewe CRX® system contributes to this success. It enables an expansive bassvolume despite the extremely flat construction, thus producing perfect 2.0 sound - and the ideal basis on which to build at some point..

3 speaker + 1 subwoofer = genuine 3.1 surround sound.

For an opera broadcast, for example. Or when you insert your favourite group's concert DVD - and have the impression that you're in the front row. Or when Mozart's clarinet concerto moves into the famous adagio - and you close your eyes because you can hardly believe your ears: that's when you'll feel just how precisely and sensitively Loewe Audiodesign speakers are attuned to one another. And when you open your eyes again, the beauty of the sound is plain to see. The 3.1 ensemble leaves high-end enthusiasts in raptures - not least courtesy of the electrostatic technology used in the Loewe Individual Stand Speaker SL. A wafer-thin membrane moves between two grid electrodes with extremely low displacement, creating extraordinarily clear and lively audio which fills the whole room with the greatest of ease - and captures everyone's imagination.

5 speakers + 1 subwoofer = genuine 5.1 surround sound.

For example, for the next performance in your home cinema - when the audio comes from all sides and the high-speed car chase comes right into your living room. Then you see how surround sound perfection can stimulate and move - most of all when it comes with such perfectly formed subtlety into each room. There are countless ways of composing a Loewe 5.1 Audiodesign system - according to your environment and your personal preferences. You can select from the entire range of picture-perfect, powerful Loewe speakers, which can be combined with every Loewe product range. And for the right gut feeling we recommend the Loewe Subwoofer Highline - those who have experienced it once will never want to miss a single one of its 800 watts again, and are powerless to resist reaching out to touch its elegant aluminium housing.

1 slim, elegant unit + nothing else = genuine 7.1 surround sound.

When space is at a premium, for example - but you still want to enjoy a high quality home cinema experience from your sofa. Or if you place particular value on a comprehensively flat and consistently minimalist aesthetic - but want powerful surround sound at the same time. Or if you simply want to astound your ears and eyes. Then you will be truly amazed with the Loewe Individual Sound Projector. From the moment you set eyes on it, and hear the first notes, it typifies what sets Loewe Audiodesign apart. One single narrow housing - just 9cm deep - contains 42 speakers which, together, create genuine 7.1 surround sound. Depending on the environment, the sound can be aligned differently in order to make optimal use of reflection off walls. And that means: although the sound is initially only sent forwards, it reaches your ear from a different angle altogether - and then goes straight to your heart.


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