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Loewe multimedia: a perfect synthesis.

The world of digital media offers an incredible multitude of possibilities. Music, photos, film files, podcasts; iPod, iPhone, digital cameras, Internet radio and Internet TV; the Smartcard for Pay TV; desktop, laptop and netbook computers… Network it all in the home in a way that avoids confusion and instead allows you to enjoy the variety – that’s why we created Loewe Connect.

Superior TV enjoyment, now also in 3D.

Loewe Connect features a contrast filter panel made of the colour neutral grey glass which is generally used for precision optical instruments – so you can experience a perfectly non-reflective television screen with particularly deep and rich colours. What’s more, Loewe LED backlight technology not only improves contrast values, but also increases picture quality to up to 200Hz, allowing you to see high-speed sequences in razor-sharp quality. In addition, you can experience 3D cinema in Loewe perfection with pictures of impressive spatial depth, natural and particularly precise transitions formaximum viewing comfort.


Internet services and free Internet: Loewe MediaNet¹.

Loewe Connect is Internet television: an Internet portal the likes of which you’ve never seen before! Internet content such as Internet videos, film trailers, television news, mood radio from Aupeo!, sites such as eBay, Picasa and Cinetrailer – and much more – can be viewed in brilliant resolution and optimal display with the innovative CE-HTML standard.


More than 8,000 stations from all over the world: radio and Internet radio.

Loewe Connect can receive radio via cable, satellite, and naturally, the Internet. With the separately available Loewe Internet radio iPhone app, you can also listen to the radio when you’re out and about and synchronise your favourite channels with the Loewe Connect.

Pause, pick up and continue a live programme: Loewe DR+ streaming with Follow Me function.

Loewe Connect is film television: a home cinema that shows what you want to see – and streams recordings throughout the home. Use the Loewe DR+ to pause a live broadcast in the living room, and then continue it straight away or later on in the bedroom – via Loewe DR+ streaming with Follow Me function. Or else access all the recordings on your Loewe DR+ hard disk recorder from another Loewe television via the home network. Independence in home entertainment has a new name: Loewe Connect.




Play back film, photo and music files: Loewe MediaHome.

Loewe Connect is photo television: for slide shows in XXL format! With the USB connection, LAN, Powerline or the wireless WLAN connection on the Loewe Connect, it's easy to access your digital camera and photos in the network – in a flash. And of course, Loewe Connect also shows video files from your camera or from the network – all in brilliant quality. Loewe Connect is music television: your MP3 collection is available via USB or a network connection – and you can listen to CDs or connect your iPod or iPhone via the Loewe Mediacenter. 

Everything is easily accessible: Loewe MediaPortal.

The new Loewe MediaPortal operating system integrates all device functions and connection options – more clearly than ever before. This includes an Internet connection that displays websites in impressive quality – Loewe MediaNet². And with the favourites function, which is child’s play to operate, everything is arranged in the most practical way that you could imagine: your way.


Enjoyment with a clear conscience: Loewe efficiency.

Must entertainment that’s in a class of its own be at odds with energy efficiency? Not at Loewe. All Loewe TVs have been given the energy efficiency classification A or B – even though Loewe models boast more integrated functions and devices than most of the competition. And that’s just one of the reasons behind the low energy consumption.


Design, technology, colour, set-up options: which is your Loewe Connect?

The new Loewe Connect TV combines: excellent picture quality with impressive sound options, multiple set-up options and a captivating design. And with Loewe DFW technology, there is ample space for an outstanding sound volume – despite the ultra slim housing profile. Even when used as an ordinary television, Loewe Connect is still extraordinary in every respect.


1) Loewe accepts no liability for the scope and content of receivable online services. This also applies to the Loewe MediaNet portal. Loewe devices merely provide the technological platform to enable basic reception of such content. Loewe can therefore provide no guarantee against future changes in scope and content.



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