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You decide on your design.

No-one knows better than you how you want your television to look. That is why we have created Loewe Individual. The appearance — super slim. The design — timelessly minimalist. Your creative freedom — endless. No other home entertainment system provides you with so many possibilities of expressing your own ideas. In this way, you will acquire a very personal individual designer item, which will retain its special value for a long time to come.

You decide how you want to live.

Television, speakers or media furniture should only serve one end: to offer you perfect entertainment – and in a way that represents your character and style perfectly. That’s why we created Loewe Individual. Sizes, designs, set-up and installation options — no other home entertainment system offers so many different integration possibilities in one room or throughout the home.

You decide how you want to listen.

Every ear hears differently. Every setting offers a different acoustic environment. Discerning individuals have an individual idea of how they would like to experience sound diversity — in terms of quality, tone colour, room and configuration. That's why we created Loewe Individual. No other home entertainment system offers a comparable variety of sound options which complement each other so perfectly – and can, if desired, be accessed throughout the house.

You decide how you watch.

Today, the variety of media is almost unlimited. TV channels, series and feature films on DVD or Blu-ray, web videos, internet radio, MP3 music, individual slideshows, online music services... In order to use these possibilities in a targeted way — to suit your wishes, your day and your mood perfectly, we created Loewe Individual. Hardly any other home entertainment system brings together so many multimedia products in such an intelligent way. And can be operated so intuitively — displaying everything that you watch in brilliant image quality.


Discover the new Loewe Individual 3D.

Loewe presents a home cinema system that will move you and astound you– 3D technology in Loewe perfection is just one of its countless innovations for the senses. It also provides maximum creative freedom and timeless, elegantly minimalist design. Be captivated – by the most versatile and beautiful 3D television in the world.

Your living room becomes a 3D cinema.

Pictures in outstanding depth, natural and particularly precise transitions, maximum viewing convenience – the exact, precisely balanced combination of the 400Hz screen, Loewe BluTechVision 3D Blu-ray player and Loewe Active 3D glasses ensures a spectacular 3D cinema experience – 2D programmes can even be converted to 3D if desired.

Impressive visual depth.

So how does 3D TV in Loewe perfection work? The Loewe Individual 3D flat-screen TV is synchronised with the Loewe Active 3D glasses via infrared signal. When the screen shows the picture for the left eye, the right lens is blacked out – and the same happens in reverse when the picture for the right eye is shown. The switch happens within milliseconds, allowing the viewer to experience the spatial effect of 3D.

It would be a shame to only see the world through dark glasses.

With the new Loewe Individual 3D, the design is entirely up to you. Choose the perfect insets to suit your interior and your mood: Metallised Chrome, Neon Pink, Ebony... Decide on a set-up option that fits with your living space: on the wall, an elegant screen lift or a Loewe Rack… Integrate precisely the sound and equipment products that you love: Loewe Subwoofer for lively bass, Loewe Sound Projector for genuine 7.1 sound from one speaker, Loewe Mediacenter for multimedia variety… Only one thing is certain: you will never be able to see – or hear – enough.

It's the overall impression that counts.

The combination of numerous components developed by Loewe, which complement each other perfectly, guarantees an outstanding home cinema experience. 3D picture, surround sound and the integrated Loewe DR+ 3D hard disk recorder with 500 GB memory – everything comes from one source, and can be perfectly stored in a complementary Loewe Rack along with the Loewe Assist Media remote control and your favourite discs.


3D alone is not enough.

Yes, it’s in 3D – and in excellent quality at that! But the new Loewe Individual 3D can do so much more. Numerous innovations for the senses ensure that you are perfectly entertained – and experience limitless user freedom – with Loewe MediaNet for example, which brings captivating online apps to your screen. Or courtesy of the new multimedia videotext, Loewe MediaText. Or with Loewe DR+ Streaming, which allows you to pause a live programme and take it with you. Or… or… or… Why not just set off on a voyage of discovery!



The Loewe Individual performance principle.

The Loewe Individual delivers a complete performance to bring you perfect entertainment.

The high-speed principle.

To follow the trajectory of a football as it speeds through the penalty area at 120 km per hour; to experience the speed of a Formula 1 race from different camera angles; or to let yourself be drawn in to a breathtaking car-chase in an action film — that’s why we created the Loewe Individual. Its picture display knows no speed limit, as the Full-HD technology displays motion at up to 400 Hz guaranteeing unique sharpness of movement.

The smart and intuitive principle.

Everything was much simpler before, so they say. There were a handful of TV channels – and a single remote control was enough. In contrast, the world of media today is certainly fascinating – if sometimes somewhat incomprehensible. However controlling the entire system can nevertheless, be child’s play – and still achieved with just one remote control – that’s why we created Loewe Individual. The clear menu navigation and the central media portal offer clear orientation and invite constant discovery. The Loewe Assist Media allows everything to be operated with just one hand.


The eardrum principle.

Extremely thin (0.1mm) and very small (85 mm²): it's the membrane that we humans are most familiar with — the eardrum. In order to achieve the most transparent and “live” sound possible, you need a sound source which is optimally aligned with and tuned to the human ear. That’s why we created the Loewe Individual Sound Stand Speaker SL with electrostatic technology. The membrane of this extraordinary speaker is actually only about one tenth as thick as the human eardrum – but 1,500 times as large! This results in an especially clear, authentic and lively sound – ideal for even the most discerning of ears.

The time machine principle.

We’ve all been there: the match goes to penalties – and the telephone rings or someone arrives at the door. You just want to stop time — or at least the live programme. That’s why we created Loewe DR+ which is integrated in almost all Loewe Individual sets. Just a touch of a button suffices to activate the hard disk recorder; and then another to resume the programme. The live programme can be rewound just as easily – for example if you want to watch decisive scenes several times. Or save your favourite recordings — all in brilliant HDTV quality. And now to take away – there’s Loewe MovieVision DR+; the first portable HD long-term archive for your TV.

The efficiency principle.

Everyone would like to save energy costs and have a clear “green” conscience — but who wants to have to sacrifice perfect entertainment to do so? That’s why we created the Loewe Individual. Numerous functions, which are usually found on external devices, are already integrated. As is the case for all Loewe TVs – all of which have been categorised as energy efficiency class A or B. The new LED backlight technology not only creates pictures which are particularly alive and rich in contrast — but also dramatically reduces energy consumption. An ambient light sensor adjusts the TV picture to suit the environment. And with the built-in power switch, a switched-off Loewe consumes as much if the plug was pulled out — in other words, nothing.




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